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Runner's Low - JCG Cartoon Blog
I played a really mean joke on my boyfriend the other day.

Mean, but well worth it.
We decided to take a walk along the Burrard bridge. It's a nice scenic walk in the city.

He was telling me "fascinating" specs about his awesome new runners.

I couldn't help notice his inflated confidence in his running skills.
He suddenly exclaimed that they felt so good he wanted to run the rest of the way.
The bridge route is about a kilometre long, so it's a decent little jaunt.
So he jogged off, leaving me in his dust.

Well, not for long.
I decided to jog silently behind him. The bridge traffic was pretty noisy, so I could easily pace a distance behind him without his knowledge.
We were running for about 2 min, and my master plan was about to be realized. I started snickering in anticipation.
He started to slow. I had to react quickly. He looked back to bask in the glory of the grand distance he had covered jogging.
The poor guy. He had been jogging solidly for 2 min, and was only 20 feet ahead of me.
By the time he turned around I had stopped jogging and pretended I had been walking all along.
So then he took off, faster now. He was determined to make good distance between us this time.
Again I started jogging secretly behind him. It was extremely difficult to be quiet as I kept thinking about his reaction the first time.
At one point I even stopped and took some scenic photos.
Each time I could tell when he would check on me, so I would screech to a walk.
By the end of the bridge, I was pretty pleased with the final results: one shattered ego gasping for air. heh heh
I was getting pretty tired so I decided to let him go on his own for the last bit. He was running at top speed by this time.

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